Coaching Explained

Much like a fitness coach can help a person become more physically fit My Map Coach can assist you in becoming more emotionally mature. All of us have emotional & relational muscles we haven’t used in quite some time. Practicing the right techniques and engaging in the right activities will increase your emotional & relational fitness resulting in a healthier more whole life. In our process you will be given life changing information. You will be guided in establishing personal goals. You will be given assignments where you practice in real life situations. Then you and the coach will reflect on your experiences and talk about adjustments. You will have a personal “life” coach assisting you as you map and live into the preferred future that you dream of.


  • Become more clearly self-defined. Determine for yourself who you will be and what you will value.
  • Become more self-empowered by taking charge of your life. Rediscover power for mapping your own destiny.
  • Become more self-expressed enjoying the freedom of being yourself.
  • Become more self-confident.


  • Learn to become less anxious.
  • Learn to become less reactive. Reacting to anxiety is the unseen map that guides most our lives.
  • Learn calming practices.
  • Learn to think more clearly and make better decisions. When anxiety rises we typically quit thinking & react or become paralyzed.


  • Learn to become a master of interpersonal relationships staying connected even when anxiety rises.
  • Learn to communicate more openly, honestly, and directly.
  • Become a leader or a better leader in every area of your life. Become a person who others are influenced by.
  • Learn to give up blaming, labeling, questioning motives, & taking things personally.

Some Common Behavior Patterns